New Driveway Paving Contractors In Maryland: Hire The Best For Your Business

So, you’re expanding.

That’s the good news.

Growth has been steady and now finally, your fledgling asphalt paving company in Maryland is in a position to take on new talent.

However, as a new concern and a first time boss, you might be finding this whole process quite strange.

Possibly, you worked for yourself, prior to your expansion into an actual asphalt paving company, taking on employees within the State of Maryland. And consequently, you don’t have a lot of experience of the whole procedure.

So here, our veteran construction managers talk you through how to get the right employee for the job.


One of the main reasons that construction firms lose staff is through not providing ample training and development opportunities for them.

In a busy marketplace, your business has to compete with the best. So you need to think about the package that you can offer employees. This is something which extends beyond simply the salary you can pay.

Allow for the training and education of your staff, whilst they work for you. This could mean paying for courses, which will help them do their job better.

By having better qualified and more skilled individuals working for you, you will benefit from their superior ability. It also proves attractive to workers looking to apply for your job.

Find out what sort of professional development your employees are interested in. Then make sure you offer these opportunities to all your staff – not just the newer members of the team.


Your candidate is not the only person who needs to do some preparation before their interview. So do you!

If you are going to be the person in charge of the hiring and firing, then you are probably also going to be the person who does the interviewing.

Try and approach this as professionally as possible. Draw up a list of things you want to know about a potential recruit.

Remember, also, that an interview is a two way street. This means getting ready to answer their questions about you.

In today’s climate, construction firms are having to work harder to sell their positions, as a career choice that a younger person might want.

Don’t forget to mention the advantages on offer and the things which are good about the job – building new roads, maintaining the infrastructure for the community etc.


In addition to providing your new recruits with good training and education opportunities, you should also try and give them a mentor within the business.

Even if your business is small, a person (you?) who can help to develop their skills and confidence is a boost for both them and you.

With some constructive help, you can get the best from your employees and also promote good working relations within your team members.


As a first time manager, you will find that you are learning as much as your staff members are – perhaps more!

If you haven’t been formally trained in management or haven’t got any direct experience of supervising team members, this can be a daunting process.

The best advice we can give to a new boss or manager is to have faith in your team members.

When you give them a task to do, give them support and guidance, but ultimately, allow them to get on with it.

Do not stifle or attempt to micromanage their every movement. No one will thank you for it and it will ultimately be counterproductive, if you parachute in and take over every little task.

Allow your staff the space and resources to do their jobs properly. This will then free time up for you to get on with your job – and maybe even get home on time for once!

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