Using Technology To Work Smarter Not Harder

Still using pen and paper?

If so, do you know that it is 2018?

There are so many ways that technology can help speed up and improve your business, these days, that it is practically a crime not to use it.

Some ways that technology can help boost your team’s efficiency include;


This can be used for everything, from the remote monitoring of your team’s progress, to streamlining their reports.

Using cloud based technology, all your staff reports and progress can be easily accessed anywhere you may be – you just need an internet connection.

It’s time to dump the reliance on paper based filing once and for all!


For the office (and on site) you could help to revolutionize your paperwork, by investing in specifically designed construction management software packages.

These can deal with everything from health and safety reporting, time sheets, scheduling, invoicing and document management.

There are so many types of project management software out there, that will help to clear your desk of the mound of paper it is groaning under and lessen the chances of you making costly mistakes out there.

Once such package is Buildertrend. So why haven’t you got it yet?


This is an imaging system which will create a digital presence for your projects, before they are built.

See what your building will look like and vital information such as how many people will be passing through its finished structure, once it is in use. This can then help inform the size of the water heaters and pumps etc you might choose to use for the project.

Using Building Information Modeling means you can see how much the project will cost, but also the finished result. So if there is an obvious and glaring error in the calculations somewhere, you will spot it before it gets built!

These systems will save you literally, time and money – and there are free versions of the software available to download, if budgeting is a constraint.


Whereas nothing should replace having a good old fashioned chinwag with colleagues, modern technology can now improve how it is done.

Video conference calling and other modern wonders mean that you don’t all have to be in the same place, at the same time, to conduct a meeting.

Having mobile communication is one thing, using it efficiently is another.

Once again, real time reporting, cloud based technology and easy access for all to what is happening, can bring it all together for your team.

The use of mobile communications, with the added encouragement to staff to report problems as they occur, can help steer your project away from self destruct.

Take the time to research how mobile technology and the latest software can help take your construction firm forward!

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